THIS Happened…

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THIS Happened...

The final show at THIS Gallery in Los Angeles…


Here is the painting I made for the show.  It’s based on a very special piece from my art collection – a photo transfer Justin Van Hoy made using a photograph taken by his father.


“Hair Loom”, 40″ x 50″, oil on canvas, 2013

Kevin-Taylor-494 Kevin-Taylor-193 Kevin-Taylor-003

Studio photos: Winni Wintermeyer

Mural @ Blue Ion

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Circle Culture asked me to write a note regarding the mural I did over the holidays in Charleston, SC.


photos : Jennifer Taylor


Art Auction to Benefit the Artists

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Thanks to Matt Gonzalez and unnamed others for putting together this event.  A great chance to grab some top notch work.  All proceeds go directly to the artists!Image


Root Division 10th Year Anniversary

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I’m honored to represent Root Division for my era!

Ephemeral (Berlin)

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Pret A Diner / Circle Culture Temporary

Opening Hours: Jan 19th – Feb 28th, Tues – Sun, 7 -10 pm

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 19th, 7 – 10 pm

Only with reservation:

Zinnowitzer Str. 7, 10115 Berlin

Go see what this guy did…

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Go see what this guy did...

Along with countless other remarkable feats he accomplished before moving on, truly amazing human and deeply missed friend, Justin Van Hoy curated an exhibition featuring artists from his home state (South Carolina) and published a book featuring another passel from his away state (California).

Opening Reception – January 12th, 7pm

Guerrero Gallery
2700 19th Street
San Francisco, CA

“By Way of the South, Going Home” Curated by Justin Van Hoy
– collected works from influential peers, professors, and colleagues who share a connection to the state of South Carolina

Works by:
Bill McRight, Brent Owens, Frank McCauley, Jason Filipow, John Hill, Jon Prichard, Jon Rajkovich, Jeremy Shockley, Justin Waugh, Kelley Keith, Kevin Morrissey, Kevin Taylor, Paul Martyka, Reed Elliott, Shepard Fairey, Tim Hussey, and Tom Stanley

In the Project Room: Milk and Honey
– works by artists featured in Justin Van Hoy’s “Milk and Honey: Contemporary Art in California”

Special Guest DJ: DJ Franchise


Check out this VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH JUSTIN posted on MTV’s House of Style

ANNEX @ Circle Culture, Hamburg, Germany

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NOVEMBER 23, 2012 – MARCH 30, 2013




Kevin Earl Taylor’s paintings have a symbiotic theme showing organisms, animals and humans all coexisting. Whether parasitic or beneficial, the common thread behind his oil paintings is that these strange creatures all exist together – similar to our own reality. His fascination with animals, environment and human relations has led him to turn animals into humans in an anthropomorphic figure. The collective consciousness that makes us aware of other beings on the planet is incorporated in his paintings to tell a story of life and this thing we call death. Taylor’s abstract narratives are dream-oriented in a playful, sometimes renaissance oriented painting style. With humor, harmony, morphology, genealogy, symbiosis and just not taking himself too seriously, Kevin Earl Taylor attempts to expose the animal within.In his newest exhibition “Annex”, San Francisco based painter Kevin Earl Taylor explores scenarios created through joining interdependent material. Within these works, human constructed segments fuse with particles of nature and compose new forms. Once formulated, new visual diagrams invoke hypnotism, trance and worship. Analogies are drawn to native cultures wherein humans and nature melt together without a trace of division.”Between each nexus, lies the compromise existing to attach isolated elements. I am fascinated with the fiber – the thread, both organic and inanimate that weaves worlds together.”All works were created during an extended stay in Berlin.

Cross Pollenation

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Cross Pollenation

I’ve been living/traveling in Europe since August working on “Annex” which opens November 22 at Circle Culture (Hamburg, Germany).

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Europe 2012

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I’ve been living in Berlin, Germany since August making work for my upcoming solo exhibition at Circle Culture’s newly opened Hamburg location. Stay tuned for details.


Kountər Pärt at Guerrero Gallery

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Some installation photos from Kountər Pärt , currently running at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

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(Photos : Randy Dodson)

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