THIS Happened…

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THIS Happened...

The final show at THIS Gallery in Los Angeles…


Here is the painting I made for the show.  It’s based on a very special piece from my art collection – a photo transfer Justin Van Hoy made using a photograph taken by his father.


“Hair Loom”, 40″ x 50″, oil on canvas, 2013

Kevin-Taylor-494 Kevin-Taylor-193 Kevin-Taylor-003

Studio photos: Winni Wintermeyer

Studio Visit : Justin Waugh

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I’ve known Justin Waugh for quite awhile now.  He and I shared an apartment/studio back in Charleston, SC 1998-200 and have kept close contact over the years since.  While down in LA this past weekend, Jennifer and I finally got a chance to see his studio and check out some of the things he’s been making.  I always enjoy how he opens the gate between the living and working space.

Justin will have work in a group show which opens May 4th in Los Angeles at Elephant Art Space.

For additional info, check out his WEBSITE.

IMG_7378  IMG_7435

A few of Justin’s palettes made it to my Palette Cleanser blog.IMG_7433 IMG_7423 IMG_7422

stripe painting (detail)

IMG_7421 IMG_7420 IMG_7418 IMG_7416

Josi (Justin’s girlfriend), Jennifer and Justin shootin’ the breeze.

IMG_7413 IMG_7412 IMG_7411


IMG_7409 IMG_7408 IMG_7407 IMG_7406   IMG_7402 IMG_7401 IMG_7400

I remember this portrait from when Justin and I were roommates!IMG_7399

Gravestone rubbing from the Unitarian Cemetery in Charleston, SC.IMG_7398

IMG_7397 IMG_7393 IMG_7391 IMG_7390 IMG_7389 IMG_7388

Gamblin man.

IMG_7385  IMG_7380 IMG_7379


Thanks, Justin.

Mural @ Blue Ion

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Circle Culture asked me to write a note regarding the mural I did over the holidays in Charleston, SC.


photos : Jennifer Taylor


Art Auction to Benefit the Artists

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Thanks to Matt Gonzalez and unnamed others for putting together this event.  A great chance to grab some top notch work.  All proceeds go directly to the artists!Image


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