Go see what this guy did…

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Go see what this guy did...

Along with countless other remarkable feats he accomplished before moving on, truly amazing human and deeply missed friend, Justin Van Hoy curated an exhibition featuring artists from his home state (South Carolina) and published a book featuring another passel from his away state (California).

Opening Reception – January 12th, 7pm

Guerrero Gallery
2700 19th Street
San Francisco, CA

“By Way of the South, Going Home” Curated by Justin Van Hoy
– collected works from influential peers, professors, and colleagues who share a connection to the state of South Carolina

Works by:
Bill McRight, Brent Owens, Frank McCauley, Jason Filipow, John Hill, Jon Prichard, Jon Rajkovich, Jeremy Shockley, Justin Waugh, Kelley Keith, Kevin Morrissey, Kevin Taylor, Paul Martyka, Reed Elliott, Shepard Fairey, Tim Hussey, and Tom Stanley

In the Project Room: Milk and Honey
– works by artists featured in Justin Van Hoy’s “Milk and Honey: Contemporary Art in California”

Special Guest DJ: DJ Franchise


Check out this VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH JUSTIN posted on MTV’s House of Style

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