Very Early Poetry From My Late Teens

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Once, during a visit to Atlanta, Georgia, Steve Pomberg and I were walking through his neighborhood – infamous Cabbagetown.  We came upon an attractive pile of goods (trash) on the sidewalk. Amongst some other random items, was a classy, tattered, and ancient hard bound notebook. The jacket of the book was blank except for a yellow post-it note hand laminated with scotch tape.  Scrawled in cursive scribble, the note read, “Very Early Poetry From My Late Teens”.  Thumbing through the pages, I found most of the book to be empty, but on a few random pages, there were newspaper cutouts of poems published between 1924-1927.  All of them were credited to Henry Perry Bruns – whom I assumed had been the owner of the book.  The cutouts had been neatly pasted into place and due to aging, ghostly images had appeared on each facing page, which possessed the qualities reserved for things lost in time.  A color photograph of Irish poet, W.B. Yeats’ gravesite was filed curiously amongst the pages – near it, a poem entitled “On a Funeral Service”.  Content with my find, I claimed the book as my own, intending to put the blank pages to artful use.  The images below are works born of that effort as well as several images of the book itself.  The ink spill on the cover is from me – while working on one of the paintings, I spilt a bottle of sepia drawing ink.  Luckily, the book was closed and the inside pages were not stained.

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