Something looks familiar here…

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A friend sent me these pictures from the current issue of Field and Stream Magazine.  It’s a Toyota advertisement, and I’m not sure what to think or do about it.  I would never associate this series of artwork with an advertisement to help sell cars, even if it’s masked in an attempt to promote environmental “heroes”.  I’m not a fan of lawsuits claiming ownership of fair use imagery, but this is a little too close for comfort.

Toyota advertisement, Field and Stream Magazine, 2011

text below the advertisement

Bear Construction, Kevin Earl Taylor, 2008

Here’s a link to a 2009 exhibition featuring this work.

Rabbit Construction, Kevin Earl Taylor, 2008

The Chimpanzee Construction, Kevin Earl Taylor, 2010

The Equestrian Construction, Kevin Earl Taylor, 2010

New Art @ Circle Culture (Berlin)

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I’m excited to have begun working with Berlin gallery, Circle Culture.  I’m included in the upcoming show, New Art where each artist was asked to re-interpret a piece from art history.  The gallery director, Johann chose my entry for the flyer which you see here along with the full versions of the involved paintings.

“Tod Und Luben” by Gustav Klimt

“The Omnipresent Option” by Kevin Earl Taylor

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