Eleanor Harwood Gallery

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I’m happy to announce that Eleanor has added me to her program.  I’m currently working hard on my December 2010 exhibition and excited about the future.  This week, she put up a couple of pieces in the viewing room for some interested collectors.  Stop by and see them and the super tasty work of Colleen Sanders.

TRIP – Germany

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I was in the Brazilian publication, TRIP a couple months back and subsequently, the German based TRIP featured my work in their current issue.  Here are a couple snapshots of the content.  As you can see, there’s some other things worth looking at besides paintings gracing these pages.

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Let’s Go Out Tonight

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The 7″ that I worked on with Ned Oldham (Palace, Anomoanon, Oldham Brothers, etc…) and Gold Robot Records just arrived in the mail and looks real nice.  Sounds good to0!  In fact, right out of the gate, it’s been getting some good reviews.  If you’d like to scoop one of these up, you can get one right here.  And…  for all you digital purists, it comes with a download code so you can stick it on your machines.

Remaking History

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UK based gallery, London Miles invited me into an upcoming group show this November.  Each artist was asked to reinterpret a painting from pre WWII art history.

Juxtapoz blurbed the show.

I chose this painting by Jean Francois Millet…

and here is my take…

I was drawn to the original painting through it’s simple but powerful theme of an animal birth and the human interaction with that event. It was also interesting to me, because that interaction has changed so much from the time Millet painted “Birth of a Calf”. Given this, I wanted to update the scenario and bring in the major players and processes associated with modern births. Enlisting Jesus and a cro-magnon to transport the genetically modified “newborn”, touches on the ideas of creationism, evolution, and science all at once. Deciding to enshroud the Christ figure in an acid-washed, denim overcoat was a whimsical nod toward popular culture. This playful element amplifies mortality in a being that symbolizes correspondence between a spiritual and physical reality and simultaneously brings a welcomed element of humor into a work of art which threatens to be taken too seriously.

Eye Against I – Chris Duncan

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I helped artist, Chris Duncan with a video installation for his show Eye Against I at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions.  Artslant reviewed the show and our collaboration got mentioned.

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